I would love to join your team.

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I would love to join your team.

Post by Hark » Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:07 pm


I am looking for a new guild, my current guild (Gosu) is planning a move to another server and I am not interested in leaving Kilrogg. I have 3 maxed toons which i will identify below, along with class, specs, and professions.

A little bit about me, I used to be a pretty semi-hardcore raider with Gosu (Bladefist), Hymn (Bladefist), and currently Gosu (Kilrogg, soon to be no more). Unfortunately I have 3 young boys in my family that are heavily into little league sports and I have had to tapper my raiding down considerably, but I am not looking to fill a raid spot, just join back up with some good friends and former guild mates. Don't get me wrong I like to raid and during the Fall and Winter my time frees up considerably, but for now just looking to fill in if guild needs and just log in and do the everyday stuff that i still enjoy very much with WoW. I am pretty active in the no-raid environment of WoW, and run raid finder when I have time. I closely monitor my main characters class, and read up on whats the hot spec, or builds. I frequent websites like, WoWhead, Icyveins, MMO-Champion, Mr Robot,WoWInsider, and many others to keep up to date. I love expansion time and, I am usually one of the first to max level in guild, plus I know how to tank on every class but Monk (haven't leveled one yet) so i am familiar with tanking. My professional career consists of managing an engineering department at GE Healthcare, I do management and leadership activities all day and come into WoW to get away from that, and to be told what I need to do. Anyways I will list details of my WoW toons below.

Main: Harknarbin, 90 Warrior (Tank/Fury) BS and JC
Alt: Harksmash, 90 Death Knight (Frost DPS, Tank) Enchant and Inscript
Alt: Harkhotty, 90 Paladin (Tank, Crappy Ret) Mine,Eng
Alt: Harkmanbear, 85 Druid (Tank, Balance) Skin,Leather Probably going to faction change him for achieve.
Alt: Haktasy, 85 Priest (Shadow, N/A) Herb/Alchy'

Minor levelers, Harkstab 31, Harkfu (my level 1 monk...lol), Harkinator 4

I have an authenticator so my account is secure, but I have never been hacked at all.

If you need any other info let me know in-game or on this post.
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Re: I would love to join your team.

Post by Avrielle » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:08 pm

Hi Hark,

Thanks for posting here. Hit me up this weekend online on Avrielle, Minka or Barchetta and let's talk!
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